Faug Game full information After long time pubg game is band India released his fast Battle Royale game in  2021 the game name is Faug. today we are discuss about of Faug game with show every detail in this post.

In this article me showing you Faug game release date, Faug game gameplay moods, Faug game characters and Faug game voice actors  biography.

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Faug Game Full Detail

Initial release date: 26 January 2021
Developer(s): nCore Games
Publisher(s): nCORE Games
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Genre: Action game
Platforms: Android, iOS

89% liked this video game

Faug Game Moods Full Information (that time and upcoming )
That time one mood is available on Faug game and tow moods is coming soon. the available mood name is CAMPAIGN(TALES FROM THE GALWAN VALLEY) and the upcoming moods name is TEAM DEATHMATCH(5Vs5) and FREE FOR ALL ( EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF ) that is information of Faug game moods.

Faug Game Character Names Full Information .

That time 5 character is available on Faug Game the name is of character 
  • Naration
  • Corporal Ahmed
  • Lt Singh 
  • Ravi
  • All Enemies 

Faug Game Hindi Voice Actor Full Information.

1. Sunil Nambiar .

 Sunil Nambiar is most famous voice actor in india. he give his beautiful voice in Faug game. Sunil Nambiar part of this game a Naration. his voice perfect for a naration.

his instagram id is sunil.nambiar8

2. Mohit Sinha Biography.

 Mohit Sinha Biography (Actor) | Wiki | Age | Height | Spouse | Affairs

Mohit sinha part in this game a voice actor of  Corporal Ahmed. he give his beautiful voice in this game and make more beautiful a game. 

his instagram id is mohitsinharocks


Full Name Mohit Sinha

Other Names Mohit

Occupation Actor,

Voice Artist

Gender Male

Date of Birth


Birth Place Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Nationality India

Religion Hinduism

Caste Kayastha

Food Type Non-vegetarian

Hobbies Hanging out with friends and family

Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Height 5’ 8”

Weight 65 kg


Mother Reena Sinha

Spouce (Wife) Jyoti Bisht (m.1 December 2014)

Children Kushagri Sinha

Sibling Shobhit Sinha

Favourite Things

Favourite Food Chicken Samosa Rolls,



Favourite Actress(s) Sridevi

3. Ghanshyam N. Shukla.

Ghanshyam N. Shukla is most famous voice actor in india. he give his beautiful voice in Faug game. Ghanshyam N. Shukla part of this game a Lt Singh his voice perfect for this Faug Game. 

his instagram id is ghanshyamnshukla

4. Ashwin Urmila Vinayan.

Ashwin Urmila Vinayan  is most famous voice actor in india. he give his beautiful voice in Faug game. Ashwin Urmila Vinayan  part of this game a Ravihis voice perfect for this Faug Game.

 his instagram id is awshwin

5. Gaurav Haldar.

Gaurav Haldar is most famous voice actor in india. he give his beautiful voice in Faug game. Gaurav Haldar part of this game a All Enemies. his voice perfect for this Faug Game.

his instagram id is gaurav.haldar14
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