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best pc games

1. Aliens: Colonial Marines

This is a 2013 first-person shooter developed by Gearbox Software based on the Alien film series. It was published by Sega for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. A sequel to James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens, the game follows a group of Colonial Marines, a fictional military unit, as they confront the Weyland-Yutani corporation in an effort to rescue survivors from the Sulaco spaceship. The game features a campaign mode that supports both single-player and cooperative gameplay, and a multiplayer mode in which players compete in different scenarios.

Colonial Marines was developed over six years and suffered from a tumultuous development. Because Gearbox decided to focus on other projects like Duke Nukem Forever and Borderlands 2, they outsourced a significant part of the game to other studios. The game was heavily inspired by Cameron's film. Concept artist Syd Mead, who collaborated with Cameron to design the Sulaco, was hired to design locations. Four downloadable content packs were released, adding multiplayer maps, a new cooperative mode, and a new campaign mode that takes place before the campaign of the base game.

2: James Bond 007: Blood Stone

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is a third-person shooter video game, developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision for the Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. It is the 24th game in the James Bond series and is the first game since James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing to have an original story. The game was confirmed by Activision on 16 July 2010.[1] The game was released on 2 November 2010 in North America and released on 5 November 2010 in Europe.[2] Activision's remake of GoldenEye 007 for the Wii and DS was released on the same day respectively in each region.[3] Blood Stone features the voices and likenesses of Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Joss Stone. Blood Stone was the final game developed by Bizarre Creations before it closed on 18 February 2011.

A sequel, developed by Raven Software, was reportedly planned but was ultimately scrapped due to Blood Stone's poor sales upon release.[4]


Blood Stone is a third-person shooter with elements of hand-to-hand combat. Driving sequences also appear in the game. Blood Stone features a focus aim system which allows players to lock onto targets after melee takedowns.[5] There is a multiplayer mode consisting of up to 16 players that will pit spies versus mercenaries.[6] Alongside team deathmatch and other standard game modes there are massive objective-based battles where players have to work as a team to attack or defend various spy-themed goals. The player pilots several vehicle types throughout the course of the game.[7]

3: The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo is an action-adventure video game, the third spin-off from the Matrix series and the second developed by Shiny Entertainment. The game was written and directed by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the three The Matrix films. Players control the character Neo, participating in scenes from the films.

In Shiny Entertainment's first licensed Matrix game, Enter the Matrix, only sideline characters were playable. It did not feature the series' protagonist Neo, and due to its nature as an extension of the films' storyline, had few recreations of scenes in the film trilogy.


The Matrix: Path of Neo allows the player to participate in many of the major action scenes in the films. Most of these sequences, picked by the movie directors themselves, are taken from the first film in the series.[1][2]

At the start of the game, the player is hacker Thomas Anderson, and does not possess any of the powers that the character will later discover as Neo. As the game continues, players learn new skills and techniques, equipping Neo for the final showdown with Agent Smith. These additional skills may be levels and in the main game. Many of these skills are used by Neo in the trilogy, including the bullet dodge, bullet stop, and flight. A number of weapons are available in the game, consisting of both melee weapons (including various types of swords, staves, and escrimas) and firearms (assault rifle, submachine gun, pistol etc.).

The game also allows the player to meet many of the characters in the films, including Trinity, Morpheus and the Merovingian, amongst others.

The game uses film excerpts as cut scenes throughout the game at certain milestones. This footage includes clips from the original The Matrix theatrical films, and from other sources, including the short film series, The Animatrix and Enter the Matrix.

4: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is a 2009 third-person action video game based on James Cameron's 2009 film Avatar. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii and Nintendo DS on December 1, 2009, with a PSP version released later on December 7, 2009.[6][7] It uses the same technology as the film to be displayed in stereoscopic 3D.[8] As of May 19, 2010, the game has sold nearly 2.7 million copies.[9]

The game, which acts as a prequel to the film, features Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, and Giovanni Ribisi reprise their roles from the film. The casting and voice production for Avatar: The Game was handled by Blindlight.

The online services for the game were shut down on August 8, 2014.[10]


Set in 2152, two years before the events of the film, Avatar: The Game starts out with a new signals specialist, named Able Ryder, arriving at Pandora, assigned to an area called Blue Lagoon, a large piece of jungle, fenced in to make sure no larger predators get inside. Their first mission is to save five marines from Viperwolves, with their CO, Kendra Midori, suggesting they use a turret to help fend off the wolves. After saving the marines, Ryder must go help another Sig Spec, Dalton, who is afraid of the Viperwolves and trapped outside the fence.

Helping out at another base, Ryder is told to go fix the fences and animal repulsors, which are attracting creatures rather than keeping them away. After fixing the fences, Ryder is told to enter his avatar. Ryder's first mission in his avatar body is to get cell samples from certain non-hostile plants. After getting the samples, a Na'vi, Tan Jala, tells Ryder to kill his infected animals. A RDA air strike is then seen being launched on the Na'vi village where Ryder had locked the signal. He finds out that there is a mole and that it is one of the avatar drivers. He must then follow Tan Jala, who will lead him to the mole. After finding who the mole is, a scientist named Rene Harper, who is sympathetic with the Na'vi plight, Ryder sees the Na'vi village destroyed in the air strike previously. Commander Falco and his soldiers arrive via helicopter and try to force Rene into surrender. Harper then tries to persuade Ryder to join the Na'vi and leave the RDA. When Falco hears this, he orders Ryder to shoot Rene Harper and keep his allegiance to the Corporation. Ryder must then make a game-altering decision of siding with the defensive Na'vi or siding with the more offensive, better- armed RDA.

5: El Matador

El Matador is a Third-person shooter developed by Czech studio Plastic Reality Technologies and published by Cenega Publishing.


The player controls DEA agent Victor Corbet. He fights narkomafia in Colombia. The gameplay is similar to Max Payne. The player can use Bullet time and make jumps with aiming. It is also possible to use your guns in both hands. The game has realistic physics and a destructible environment.

The game also features boss combats, with the bosses being highlighted with a health meter beneath their portrait. They can intake more damage than the average game enemy, and move faster and deal more damage towards the player. [1][2]


After a successful raid to rescue DA daughter in a nightclub owned by a drug lord Alberto Entiendez, Victor Corbet is sent to Colombia to assist the local police in taking down La Valedora Cartel, who were involved in a massacre that killed Victor brother. The police department includes captain Carlos Enterrador, ADA Mia Rodriguez, Sgt. Gabriel Montego and Ricardo "Rico" Altemetra, a close friend of Victor.

Victor first assignment consists of eavesdropping a secret meeting of the Cartel in Hotel Paradiso, Bogota, hosted by drug lord nicknamed "El Corsario". During the meeting, Victor team is attacked by the Cartel, with Victor being the only survivor. Victor raids the Hotel on his own, and kills "El Corsario" and several of his men, but the remaining leaders of La Valedora escape by Helicopter.

Due to Victor heroic actions at the hotel, he is nicknamed "El Matador" by his comrades. Rico and Victor are then sent to raid an abandoned factory which serves as a secret drug factory for La Valedora. Victor and Rico are tasked to arrest Guillermo Toro, a drug kingpin who is controlling the operations. During the raid, Victor manages to destroy the factory with C-4, but Toro escapes. Victor and the rest of the team, including Enterrador and Mia, corner Toro in a church. The police raids the church, and in the ensuing shootout Toro is heavily wounded. Victor proceeds to arrest him, but is shot by Enterrador.