HI Friends Todays News Is- Rocket League Server Is Crash, And XBOX PRE ODER Started IN INDIA


Rocket League on Twitter: "It's the final day of #RocketPass5! Show us your  favorite item you unlocked!… "

The day this game given to free on Epic games store that day crash the Rocket League server ,the reason is Rocket League the most popular game ,but this game  has paid version more gamers not play this game , but when it  was free that time many people are download this game for due the Rocket League server his been crash , but this time the problem has solved you download this game check our article  How To Download ROCKET LEAGUE=https://tboyupdate.blogspot.com/2020/09/how-to-download-rocket-league-game-free.html


Xbox Series X release date, specs, design and news for the new Xbox |  TechRadar

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are priced at Rs 49,999 and Rs 34,999 respectively. The Xbox Series S is a digital only version that can run over Full HD resolution. On the other hand, Xbox Series X will be able to run supported games at 4K resolution with up to 120fps. Their are tow different colours is available number one WIGHT and number tow BLACK