New Free Fire Events

Free Fire receives 'Hallucinations' incubator in April 2020 - Somag News

Emote offer

New Gun

New Update 

           Let's started today news

Free Fire Give You Emotes  50% off

But this offer applied only 4 emotes and they are

          1. Arm Wave ( A dance move essential for pop and hip hop dance style)

           2. Dab (Follow my moves. C mon! )

           3.  Applause ( Remember to always give it up for someone. For their hard work)

           4. Hi emote

New Gun

       Free Fire game add a new gun 

      The gun name is PARAFAL

      And Free Fire give you free tow gun skin

      1.- The golden  Famas gun (Season Reward )

      2.- The blue scar gun (Season Reward )

                        this guns every game play reward, you finish one gameplay and claim one gun box

Free Fire New Update

     This update  available on 23 September

      at 8.00p.m

      And the game totally off on 23 September at 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.