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*get perm fashion items and a bundle for free*

25 September - 4 October

Think you got what it takes to solve the... - Garena Free Fire | Facebook

Event Details:-

can't get enough of the heist? Here's one more for you crack the safe and win a price ,Heist Mastermind Bundle could be yours for free 


1. There are 4 different safes in total .safe level 1 is reveled immediately, but safe level 2 and level 3 will be revealed at a later time .

2. To crack the safe, you need to need to guess the correct code.

3. Every safe will provide a clue regarding the correct code.

4. After you enter your guess, if it is incorrect, the clue's range will be narrowed. Subsequent guesses will be limited to the new range only.

5. Get 1guess per game played(excluding custom room games),collect a maximum of 10 guesses a day .Un-used guesses can be carried forward to the next day.

6. The 4th safe is a Secret Safe, which can only be revealed when 3friends enter your Secret Code in-game.