Free Fire Game Events

Free Fire 50%off

New Top Up

New Emotes

 Free Fire Diamond Generator without Human Verification 2020 - Is Free Fire  Diamond Hack no Human Verification

1-   Free Fire Give 50% Off

2- New Top Up Events

3-   New Emotes

1- Free fire game gives 50% off on Legendary Gun boxes

(a)           Dragon Ak

(b)           Earth M4A1

(c)            Cupid Scar

(d)           AWM

Much more gun boxes only for 20 diamond

  Image may contain: text that says "FREE RE LEGENDARY GUN ONLY TODAY 50% OFF 4820"

This events end on 22 September


2-   Free Fire New Top Up Events

(a)           Top up on 100 diamond and enjoy a Soul Crusher Surfboard

(b)           Top up on 500 diamond and enjoy a Mystic Seeker SPAS12 this gun abilities is

                                                Fire Rate     +

                                                 Ammo         +

                                              Reload Speed  -

3-   Free Fire New Emotes

    Free Fire add new 3 emotes 

                            (a) Money Heist,-I’m Rich|

                            (b) Pow pow bam- Kongfu | 

                            (c)look me in the eyes-Death glare|

  Limited Legendary Im Rich Emote Full Details In Just 2minutes - YouTube